Greetings to my ECE colleagues and friends

This is my first effort at “blogging”.  Look hear for rants and provocations.  For those of you on Facebook, consider joining our Men In Child Care Facebook Group. 

Here’s a bit about me, the professional version suitable for all audiences…

My work with children and families, in approxiamte order:  6th grade teacher, boys residential counselor, Kindergarten teacher, 5th grade teacher, ECE various positions (including preschool, infants and toddlers), school-aged summer school staff, youth advocate, childcare resource and referral, head start, state preschool…

I am a member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, the National Indian Child Care Association, the Coalition for School Readiness, the DADS Neighborhood Action Council.


One thought on “Greetings to my ECE colleagues and friends

  1. Becky says:


    What position do you hold at the Resource and Referral Agency? I currently work at 4C for Children, the Child Care Resource and Referral Agency for the Dayton, Ohio region.
    It also sounds as though you are in the Cincinnati area. Is this correct?


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