A child’s art (a teen in an arts program in wilmington, ca)

Sample of child's art. This was a teen that was a part of a youth art academy in Wilmington, CA. To me, this demonstrates the importance of the work we do. Children today are exposed to countless influences, some wonderful, such as music, reflected in the notes at the bottom right. Others are harmful such as violence and warfare (bottom left), the culture of beauty (see the grotesque Barbie at the left edge, halfway down), drugs and child abuse (out of frame). What we do with them when they are young helps to give them the power to stand up for themselves, as well as an "immunization" of resilience. I hope that this choice didn't offend anyone. I've done some work with teens, and I have to say that in my experience with youth on probation, ALL of them had troubled early childhoods. In a class about diversity, I think that art, age, and experience are issues we can address.


3 thoughts on “A child’s art (a teen in an arts program in wilmington, ca)

  1. gregoryuba says:

    in case you can’t access the description of this photo… it was done by a teen named angelleta. she was working with a youth art project in wilmington, ca. it’s a mixed media piece, the woman is actually created from glass that was left after an accident i believe… the actual piece is larger than the photo and includes images of a grotesque “barbie”, a man snorting coke, a dove, and the words “child abuse”… when i went to the art show, i wanted the piece immediately… i was fortunate enough to meet angelleta… the piece is now in my house…

  2. bucknerc says:

    It is a great piece. Never would I have imagined it stemmed from the mind of a teen! I would like to know her story. It makes me happy and sad at the same time for the beauty and heartache it portrays.

  3. mrskto says:

    When viewing this picture, it almost brought tears to my eyes. I guess you can say that I am a cry baby. I am very emotional and drawings as such puts me in an emotional situation. It is good to see that this teenager was able to put her feelings into art. There are so many children that need our help. We as educators are the ones on the forefront for them. This was a great picture.

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