Bring A Dad To School Day

At our Agency, we celebrated our first Bring A Dad To School Day on September 16th.  All of our three Centers and many of our Family Child Care providers encouraged Dads and other male role models to come to the school during the day.  It was exciting to see the energy that resulted.  At one center, I observed a father with three boys sitting around him as he read a book.  Soon he found himself surrounded by a class full of children and re-reading the story again! 

I had the privilege of watching another father “cheerleading” his son – encouraging him to participate.  A girl had her father on one side and her tio (uncle) on another side while she drew pictures.  It was great to see men across the landscape of the center – a rare and wonderful site.  Teachers told me about the exciting energy that resulted.  They told of men being surrounded by children – many of which were not their’s – and the excitement among the children – especially those whose fathers stopped in during the day.

We intentionally did not specify a “time” of day for the activities, although some of the centers had a “breakfast” waiting for the Dads in the morning.  In this way, Dads were able to stop in at drop off time, on their lunch break, or at pick up time.

By the end of that very day, some centers had already posted photos on their parent boards!  We provided an optional pre-survey.  For those that completed the survey, we want to revisit their thoughts at the end of the year.  The survey asked questions about their attitudes about being a father.  If anything noteworthy pops up, I will share.


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