Quotes From Brazelton, Whitebook, Cooper and Derman-Sparks and a Growing List of Great Minds

“These truths about the early care and education workforce are not breaking news. We have known for two decades, since the release of the National Child Care Staffing Study in 1989, that limited education, lack of specialized early childhood training and poor compensation are inextricably linked to the poor to mediocre quality common to the majority of early care and education services across the nation. We have known, almost for that long, that the education level and pay of the workforce play a critical role in whether services can improve.”  Marcy Whitebook, Denver Colorado, April 26, 2010.

“The field remains largely silent about these issues, because time and benefits cost money that programs don’t have, and many see no way of getting in the existing market driven system. So, when we rate programs, whether for research or quality improvement, we barely consider the adult environment. Licensing in many states sidesteps these issues, federal and state workforce standards, such as paid breaks, are routinely ignored in early childhood settings, and if QRIS rating criteria address work environment issues, they have typically set a low bar. A first step would be federal recommendations for quality rating and improvement system criteria for the adult learning and work environment, as well as support for better tools for measuring it. A good work environment should be both a criterion for federal funding opportunities as well as a allowable use of federal funds.”  Marcy Whitebook, Denver Colorado, April 26, 2010.

“A grandchild is a miracle, but a renewed relationship with your own children is even a greater one. “  T. Berry Brazelton, http://www.BrainyQuote.com

“We first learned the power and importance of interactive relationships while using our neonatal assessment. When we started, nobody thought we should interact with the baby. In the past, we just let the baby lie there and observed him. That allowed us to believe that “babies don’t see or hear”—crazy notions. As soon as we began interacting with the baby, holding him to alert him, cuddling him to soothe him, we saw that you could reinforce the baby for doing fantastic things. We saw “Here is an interaction that the baby stores.” Then along come the mother and the father, each treating the baby differently, and he stores those differences and reflects them back by six to eight weeks with different responses. These emotional responses grow from ongoing interactions with consistent caregivers and are the key to future development.” T. Berry Brazelton, The Irreducible Needs of Children

“I feel that if I can do something that can benefit the children in my community, then I am supposed to do it… It’s a lot easier just to talk about what other people should do, but stepping up and trying to do it is a whole lot different,” Renatta Cooper, Pasadena Weekly, April 5, 2007.

WHITE PRIVILEGE (refers to) the consequences of historical institutionalized racism; and the benefits that Whites receive.  Louise Derman-Sparks

An explanation:  I chose this definition, from the book, Teaching/Learning Anti-Racism: A Developmental Approach. New York: Teachers College, Columbia University, 1997 rather than a quote.  I chose the definition of “white privilege” because I believe that privilege is an essential concept that is often left out of the diversity conversation. 

THIRD SPACE:  “creatively reframing contradictions into paradoxes,” Isaura Barrera and Rob Corso, Skilled Dialog, 2003

“Practitioners (must) make a fundamental shift from dualistic, exclusive perceptions of reality and adopt a mindset that integrates the complementary aspects of diverse values, behaviors, and beliefs into a new whole.”  Isaura Barrera and Rob Corso, 2003



2 thoughts on “Quotes From Brazelton, Whitebook, Cooper and Derman-Sparks and a Growing List of Great Minds

  1. Andrea says:

    Your can tell from the video Renetta Cooper has alot of knowledge and passion from the early childhood field. I really like the quote that you selected.


  2. moniquedw says:

    There are so many good quotes that just yet again motiavte us to continue what we are doing. The quote from Lyndon B Johnson just pulls a heart string at it reminds me yet again that having solid family relationships is such a blessing.

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