Lillian Michiko Uba



3 thoughts on “Lillian Michiko Uba

  1. Susan says:

    What a beautiful lady, Gregory!

  2. Alicia says:

    Your mother is beautiful! My daughter’s name is Lillian, it is such a pretty classic name. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. bucknerc says:

    Your mother is truly a beautiful lady. I love that you expressed so beatifully, your impressions of your mother:
    ” Mom made us special by her presence, her vigilance, the generosity of her time and the sacrifice of her needs that we will probably never fully appreciate. She had us believing that we were the best, the smartest, the nicest. She convinced us that we could do anything we wanted to do. She always set in my mind that I was the best “Ni-chan”, big brother, for my siblings” (Uba, G., 2012)
    I felt much the same way about my own mother. My mom always had greater expectations of me as the oldest; she expected me to set the example for my siblings.

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