Hopes for the future…

After these many years involved in ECE, I am actually quite conflicted about my future. While I have always loved my work, it hasn’t always been easy. It hasn’t been without conflict.

Part of me is ready to relax, help to transition the next generation of leadership securely into place.

And yet, my greatest passion – that men will step up to the plate and participate in the lives of children – as fathers, as teachers, as advocates, as professors, as family child care providers – this passion is still burning.

Perhaps I have a future as a professor or mentor. Whatever role I play, male engagement will be a priority, as children need and deserve men in their lives… and men deserve and need children in their lives.

I have enjoyed sharing thoughts with all of you. I have enjoyed hearing the many perspectives from classmates at various stages in their professional development. Thank you for your wisdom. Thank you for your contributions to my expanding anti-bias awareness. Journey on!

Gregory Uba

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3 thoughts on “Hopes for the future…

  1. Caroline says:

    Out of conflict arise opportunities. You have much to offer in the world of ECE, both inside and outside the classroom. Do not rush headlong out of your inner conflict, but instead take it as an opportunity to weigh your options and consider where your passion will lead you!

  2. Alicia says:


    You would make an excellent professor! Your knowledge, words of wisdom, kindness and encouragement have given me the strength to carry on throughout this journey. You have so much to offer as a professional. I wish you the best of luck in the future, no matter your choice.

  3. ecsthrumyeyes says:

    Greg, it is amazing that you find such joy and inspiration in this field that seems to be labeled a “woman’s job”! It is very encouraging for me to read about you insights and how they can be applied to my everyday work with children. I pray many blessings for you as you strive to recruit other men and challenge them to be role models whether it be as a father, teacher, advocate, etc. Thanks so much again!

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